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Renee Richardson, President/Chief Philosopher

Renee, an Indigenous woman from the Muskogee/Creek Nation, concluded her tenure as the Manager of the Crime Analysis Unit at the Richmond Police Department, marking the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey. Leveraging her diverse skill set encompassing Leadership Development, Crime Analysis (strategic, administrative, tactical), Intelligence, Investigative techniques, Social Network Analysis, and Case/Project Research, she co-founded Four Directions Consulting LLC. This business aims to provide comprehensive leadership development and public safety training using a meticulous four-step approach. Driven by a passion to aid North American Indigenous Nations, Renee initiated Three Sisters, a non-profit project inspired by her late husband, a member of the Haliwa-Saponi Tribe. 


Renee has more than 30 years of service, including 15 as the supervisor of the Crime Analysis Unit, she spearheaded a team that showcased exceptional capabilities. Under her leadership, the Unit seamlessly handled workload surges and proactively identified crime patterns, aiding investigations and case resolutions. Renee's leadership fostered a culture of continuous learning and versatility among analysts, resulting in numerous accolades and awards for their work on high-profile cases. The Richmond Crime Analysis Unit earned nationwide recognition, drawing visits from law enforcement agencies seeking to emulate its success.

Throughout her career, Renee received multiple departmental and individual awards, underscoring her excellence in leadership, dedication to duty, and outstanding contributions to the Richmond Police Department. Her involvement in groundbreaking projects and task forces like the "Golden Years Task Force," "Crime Sweep," and "Gang Resilience and Innovative Partnerships" demonstrated her commitment to innovative approaches in law enforcement. Collaborations with esteemed institutions like Virginia Commonwealth University and George Mason University reflect her commitment to advancing methodologies in Social Network Analysis and Evidence-Based Policing. Renee's initiatives in fostering communication among agencies through "Mini Retreats" facilitated invaluable partnerships and knowledge exchange.

Her expertise extended to training initiatives, where she shared her knowledge as a subject matter expert at various platforms, including the International Association of Crime Analysts. Becoming a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Team Member further fortified her abilities, leading to successful leadership development training for the Richmond Police Department and subsequent contracts for continual training.
Before her pioneering work in Crime Analysis, Renee made significant contributions to the Richmond Police Media Relations Team, organizing special events and initiatives that garnered community engagement and support.


Her commitment to cultural diversity culminated in the organization of the inaugural Cultural Diversity Event during National Native American Heritage Month, attracting widespread attention and appreciation for its celebration of Native American culture and unity.

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